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2017 Cross Florida Time Trial

Friday, December 8th, 2017

I will begin my 2017 CFITT Tuesday morning (Dec 12) at 9:00am.  Cycling 300 miles of sand, dirt, singletrack, double track, fire roads, Jeep trails, forests roads, gravel, limestone roads and the paved roads needed to connect everything together.

Map of the planned route…

Tracking Data is listed in these places, and probably some occasional updates on Facebook.

Trackleaders 2017 CFITT  –  Lists all riders and position, tracked and updated every 10-15 minutes.  Most riders started last Saturday.

Dave Harper SPOT  or   Direct access to my SPOT tracker map updated every 10 minutes once I begin on Saturday.

Last time I attempted this, my ride ended at 90 some miles with a broken pedal.  This year, the hurdle will be the cold temperatures,  forecast 30/31 degrees for the entire area from Palatka to Ocala to Crystal River.  Yikes I’ve not ridden in that kind of weather in years.   50/50 chance of me surviving this one to the finish.

Cold weather and big winds from Palatka to Crystal River.