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National Geographic Top Ten Toughest Races

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

This is pretty cool, especially in my current state of condition, ie. not very good shape, and finding it hard to believe that I’ve completed some of the events that I’ve participated in in the past.  This is recently released list from National Geographic of what they consider the Top Ten Toughest Races…

What is cool, is that I’ve participated in 3 of these events.  Badwater, Furnace Creek 508 and Barkley.  I was entered in Barkley again this year, but had to drop from the start list, I just did not do the things I needed to do to be ready for it.   More to come on that situation shortly.  The Barkley event will take place this weekend. 

 In any case, as an endurance athlete, I can’t help but feel pretty good that when an independent group comes up with what they believe to be the most difficult endurance events in the world, that I can say I’ve been right in the thick of it, participating in 3 of the 10.   

 I have friends that have participated in a few of the others, we’re all just a bunch of nuts I suppose. 

 Reports from some of those events…