About Me


Athletic Background
6 Ironman distance triathlons(2.4 mile swim / 112 mile bike / 26.2 mile run),
7  100 mile or more runs and and 80 plus ultra trail runs (over 30 miles)
3 time in a row Badwater 135 Ultramarathon Finisher  ( the first of which was 10 days after completing the Western States 100 mile run)

Magazine/Newspaper articles about my running.

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As as techy, geek, this is a fun way for me to share some of the things I am doing, mostly running related, but I expect to have many more adventures on here as time goes by.   Between 3 kids, wife, running, motorcycles, I’ve got a horse I ‘ve been riding, a purebred Arabian name Rochmoninoff (Rocky), I’m sure I’ll have some things to share.  Enjoy the blog, you can subscribe so you can get an update when I manage to make updates to the site, and e-mail or give me some comments or feedback.

As far as my athletic background, I’ve competed in USCF bicycle racing, running and triathlons since college, (which was MANY years ago).  I’ve done countless events of that type, but my longer distance stuff includes 6 Ironman distance triathlons(2.4 mile swim / 112 mile bike / 26.2 mile run), seven 100 mile or more runs and and many ultra trail runs (over 30 miles), most of those were done in the West in mountains, snow or desert.   Probably the high points in my mind are my 1st 100 miler which was the Western States 100, doing my first Badwater Ultramarathon 10 days after doing my second Western States 100, and completing 3 Badwater Ultramarathons in a row.

I’ve had several articles written about my running exploits, documented at http://www.daveharper.com/ThePress.htm (not that I’m a good runner, I just live in a part of the country where most athletes don’t run 100 mile mountain races!)

And most of my race reports can be accessed at… http://www.daveharper.com/TheRaces.htm

None of this is very serious, and all of it is just for the fun of running, participating and being out there doing active things.