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Dr. Spetzler is supposed to be the best there is…

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Dr. Robert Spetzler of Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ  is considered a pioneer in his field and one of the best neurological surgeons in the world.   He has authored hundreds of articles and developed tools and techniques that have changed and improved the neurosurgical techniques being used today.    He’s not good at what he does, he’s the BEST at what he does and is breaking new ground for those following him.    Have you ever joked at work “This isn’t brain surgery”?  He can’t say that, and I seriously doubt they bother with the “It’s not Rocket Science” thing at BNI.  His patients are referred from all over the world, often to handle the difficult cases that other surgeons may not be comfortable attempting.

Tamara flew out of Orlando this morning to Phoenix.  This Friday, Dr. Spetzler will be removing a Cavernous Malformation from the medulla oblongata area of her brain, the lower part of the brain stem.

As serious as this is, and it is extremely serious or she would not be there, she knows she has the best of the best taking care of her, as do I.

We expect to be home late next week.  Of course, we’re saying prayers, and thinking positive thoughts, but it sure is good to know a physician with this man’s credentials is on this case.  He KNOWS what he is doing.  We have no doubt of that.

Try as I might with all my athletic endeavers to impress her, I just can’t get the upper hand.  “Yea, you’ve done 3 Badwaters and whatever else… big deal, have 3 babies and brain surgery, then come talk to me about tough, Mr.”  I’m not going to argue that for a second.

I love you honey, all is going to be fine.