Things are falling into place

I’m one week away from Badwater now, 9 days actually.  Just finished a very nice 15 mile run, I REALLY felt comfortable.  It helped that we had thunderstorms come through and wet me down, and temps were only in mid/high 80’s I think for much of it. 

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With my slow start to the year, I’ve been concerned about fitness, but I think everything is coming around.   Since I got back from my July 4 time in Death Valley, I’ve been doing all my workouts without a watch or heart rate monitor of any kind.  So I have no idea of pace.  It’s been so nice, every workout I settle into the kind of effort I want to be at and just go.  I’m having a lot of fun with it right now.  I feel great, I can’t wait for next week.  Attempting to go from Badwater, 282 feet below sea level, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, up to the very top of Mount Whitney, 14,505 feet above sea level and the highest point in the United States, excepting the state of Alaska.

On another note, my main road bicycle broke, the shifter.   Odd because it’s Campagnolo Carbon Record stuff, which is pretty much the best you can buy.  So that bike is at the bike shop being worked on.  I also have a new triathlon bike frame that I’m building up a


Cervelo aerodynamic frame.  You see the tubes are very deep section, but very narrow with an airfoil shape.  I’ll use this for much of the flatter sections of Furnace Creek 508. For the climbs, I’ll use the Cannondale Six-13 road frame that I have setup with all Campy Record stuff.  (once I get it fixed!  ARG!)

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