Wrapping it up

What a WHIRLWIND week!  SO many things to do before I leave tomorrow for Las Vegas.   

I got my bicycle fixed, a good thing, it’ll be waiting for me when I get home.

Ashley is in Biloxi with friends and will be getting back home tonight, so I’ll only see her a few minutes this evening before I head out.  Tami, William, Emily and I managed a day trip over to my parents, who cooked us an EXCELLENT seafood dinner. 

This evening we had a huge storm, but it resulted in this beautiful FULL rainbow from end to end, along with a partial second rainbow above it, very cool.Rainbow Emily, William, Dad and Gayle

Then today, one of my clients, Tupperware Corporation had this sign made up for me.(bad photo)  What a class act that company is.  They make the best kitchen products on the market bar none, in addition to all their other offerings now of Cutlery, BeautiControl and other products.  From what I have seen, if their name is on it, it is a first rate product.  We use it in our house almost exclusive to anything else.  It’s an honor to  be involved with a company like that.  Many there will be following along as much as Tamara can make updates and get them out.

Thank you Tupperware!

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