Metallica and Motorcycles

William and I scored cool tickets in a Suite at the St. Pete Forum in Tampa Bay to see Metallica.  What a great time, these guys played to a FULL stadium for close to 4 hours.  They were awesome.  William plays several of their songs on guitar and was loving every second of it.

AND, tomorrow I’m taking a day off work, and hopping on the FJR for a camping trip to North Carolina with a couple of buddies.  What a great time that’s gonna be.    Leave very early Friday, get back late Sunday.

Don’t know who the ladies are, but William wanted his picture with some hot chicks.We don’t know these ladies, but Will wanted his pic wit some hot chicks. 

Packed house and I don’t think a single person left early.Great show!

Gotta have some fire!Gotta have fire, we could feel the heat from our seats and we werent’ that close.
William with a women that befriended him at the concert.William with someone he met at the concert.  They were rockin.

img00125-20091003-2337.jpg William’s concert friend.  She was trying to get William down on the floor at the end of the concert.


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