2010 Mountain Mist 50k

I’m not  trained, I’m not ready, but I am ENTERED.    2010 Mountain Mist 50 Kilometer Trail Run.    This was the first Ultramarathon I ever ran, some 40 plus ultra’s ago, and it’s still probably my favorite.  I’ve done  6 of them now, 10 gets me a jacket.   (I guess they still do that?)   It’ll be tough this year, as I’ve not done any serious running in 2 years, but seeing my name on the the entrant list will motivate me to do all I can do in the next 2 1/2 months to get the weight down, and the fitness level up.   We’ll see!     http://www.huntsvilletrackclub.org/index2.htm

Mountain Mist 50k

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