CCC100 – Coast to Coast to Coast in 100 hours (96 actually)

April 8th, 4:00am.   I am waking up, and just stepping outside of my buddy Jim’s  back garage/apartment where I’ve spent the night.  He’s just coming over from his house, opening the garage to check on me.    By 4:30, we are on the road, him on his BMW 1200RT, me on my Yamaha FJR1300.  WHERE TO?   First to Ormond Beach, to walk down to the Atlantic Ocean, get a sample of sand and water from the beach.

Start of first morning

For the next 1500 miles, it is nothing but riding.   Our first REAL stop is Fort Stockton, Texas, 1500 miles from our stop point.  We did that in just under 24 hours from our first gas stop near Jim’s house.   A short 4 hour rest, and we head out for the next leg of our trip…

About to leave Fort Stockton, TX

Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, BIG Winds, but finally, we make it to San Diego, CA.   Coast to Coast in about 46 hours from leaving Jim’s house.   We headed down to the beach, gather another sand and water sample from the PACIFIC Ocean this time.  And headed to a hotel for a few short hours of rest.

Stopped to chat with from friends in San Diego

After another 4 hours or so rest, we gear up, and begin the 2600 mile trip back to Ormond Beach, FL.

But it wasn’t ALL just riding…

Climbing a cool rock in Arizona (or somewhere out West?!)

Heck, we even had time to stop and visit the ALAMO!
No real stops the whole way back though.   We rode straight through, only stopping at rest areas to sleep when we needed to.   West Texas got a little crazy with some very high winds, then rain.   We stopped there, Jim slept wearing his helmet, both to stay warm (it was VERY cold that night) AND to quieten the noise from the 18 wheelers that were running.

An hour or so nap at a rest area in Louisiana ( or Mississippi?)

That was it all the way back to Ormond Beach.   We were VERY sleepy toward the end.   BUT, 96 hours after we started, we had ridden our motorcycles from Coast to Coast to Coast 4 days.  COOL!

Jim has written a full comprehensive report of our trip, which I will post when I have time to go through it all.

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