Friday Funfest

I managed to get out with some buddies on our motorcycles, one of which has been bugging me forever to start riding with them.  So Friday was the day with my new bike.  What an awesome machine, and what awesome trails these guys took us on, gravel roads, fire roads, jeep trails, gnarly single track with roots, water and BIG mudholes.  About 70 miles of riding, and WOW, what a great time it was.     Biggest incedent of the day was when ‘DirtBikeMike’ got pulled off his Honda by a 1/4 inch thorny vine that caught him across the neck.  See photo, click them to enlarge.

The Boyz        70 miles of deep woods       DirtBikeMike showing us now NOT to do it!

My mighty KTM handled it all, couldn’t have asked for any better. 

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