Weekend in Phoenix, AZ.

June 23-26.

Phoenix, AZ, actually Scottsdale.  I am here for a few days for a Financial Planning conference.    Much good stuff here for me to take back to my clients to help them with better financial decisions.  AND To take advantage of the desert and the heat as I begin final preparations for Badwater, I go a couple days early to spend some time running in the heat.

On Saturday, I flew into Phoenix early, got my car and headed straight to the Superstition Mountains.   This is where parts of the second City Slickers was filmed, looking for the Lost Dutchman’s mine.  I didn’t find any gold, but I did manage 6 hours of running and hiking in about 110 degree heat.   I did not see a single other person, but jumped two deer that I was able to photograph.  This a remote and dangerous place if you have a problem and I saw remains of some old mining operations, and old ranches.   I was glad to be carrying my GPS to help me get back to my car, and to console me when I wasn’t sure which way I was going.   It was a very good workout, and I was surprised to feel so good even at the end of it.

here are some photos from my first day in the desert.

The next day, I did a 30 minute morning run, went to some meetings that were scheduled, and then skipped out for an afternoon workout at a state park out of Scottsdale with miles and miles of trails.   I did about a 3:30 hour run/hike, again it was mid-day, in the 110 degree or so range, and I had to carry all my water, but this time I did see one other person out running.   I had intended to go farther, but I got kind of lost on the trail and wasn’t sure where I was.  That and I could feel that I was pretty tired and it was getting a little late in the day.  Last thing I wanted was to be wandering around after dark so I turned around and retraced my steps back.

I was pretty depleted and tired after this workout, and dehydrated. 

Then next morning, my conference was to kick off, so I went out for just a 30 minute easy run.  Well, I got lost, and my 30 minute quicky turned into an hour and a half search for the right roads to be on.   I was a little late getting to the first session, and completely exhausted. 

BUT, it was all good training, and I think will serve me well come Badwater.

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