2015 CFITT

My attempted Cross Florida Individual Time Trial ended with an equipment failure, a broken pedal. Was having a great day, though there were other challenges, until this show stopper.

Congratulations to all those that finished and those still pushing toward the gulf. What a great event and super challenge!

I had an interesting day that started good, but stalled early with a rear tire flat just as we exited trails onto the roads, about mile 12. Just a small thorn, but sealant in my wheels was dried up. I should have checked before the ride, no excuse for that. Problem was I’d made last minute decision to lighten my load and only carry one tube, (after all I never have flats, not in the last couple years!) It also meant that now I had a Front wheel with dry sealant and no tube to go in it should it flat. In Osteen I went off course a few miles to buy spare tubes. That removed the stress of knowing I was dead in the water if I flatted in front.

Consider that a bikepacking lesson learned.
In any case, all that cost me time, and ruined any chance of making the ferry, but didn’t dampen spirits and I was having a great ride. Was so happy to get off the pavement and on trails at Lake Beresford.

All was great and I was riding good through Chuck Lennon, though it was slick and tougher on the loaded bike than a pre-ride the week before.
Until one of the final steep inclines my Xpedo Spry platform pedal broke. I didn’t hit anything, it just broke from the torque.
I had to walk the last few inclines to get out of Chuck Lennon, my foot on the center spindle just had nothing to keep from slipping off.
I rolled over to the pavilion to clean up and regroup, John McClure was there nursing a bad knee and regrouping to move on and get closer to the ferry.

I cleaned up, rested, kept looking at the pedal, thinking I should be able to ride, trying it, and realizing at anything other than soft pedaling an easy bike path, it wasn’t going to work. With the slick center spindle and no outer platform with studs, there was nothing to keep my foot planted.
Eventually, I decided it was better to make the call and have my daughter come get me while I was in an easy place to get to and she was an hour away, rather than continue.

Pretty bummed, because I was having fun, riding good in Chuck Lennon, and looking so forward to the 2nd day trails to come. I could have continued and eventually finished, but with much walking and surely some slipping off pedal and falling. No joy in that for me at this stage, I want to ride the course to my ability and not struggle through, limited by equipment failure. I have to learn from the experience, and next year, “I’ll be back”

Also a thanks to Jerry Metz for offering up his que sheet, that was very handy to have right there front and center with mileages. I’ll be using one of those from now on. Found it very helpful.

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