Magazine articles, leave tomorrow for FC508

 If you want to monitor the FC508, which starts Saturday, visit  They will have photos, video, and mid-event updates of what is going on. 

Two magazine articles were just published about my 2007 Badwater, Furnace Creek, Death Valley Cup attempt.  I’ve scanned both in with links below.   I think both writers did an excellent job. 

Competitor Magazine, did a nice full two page color, with this article in the ‘centerfold’ of the magazine.  It was very nice.

Focus Magazine is a Lake County Magazine, and also had  a very nice full page article.

Tomorrow I head to Los Angeles, for Saturday’s start of the Furnace Creek 508, and completion of the Death Valley Cup.  I believe I’ve prepared well this year.  My bicycles arrived at my crew’s house today(in LA).  I will spend Thursday putting the two bikes back together, and doing all my grocery shopping and preparing the van for two full days in the desert.  It’s going to be quite an adventure, I can’t wait to get started.  I can just imagine the first miles, it will be cool and very slow as we are escorted out of town, then the first climb on San Fransiquito(sp?) road, the Windmill climb a few hours later, Mohave, Trona, the Trona Hump, the anticipation before Townes Pass, at mile 200.   Two hours of maximum effort climbing, followed by sheer terror of descending at 50mph down the curvy mountain in the black of night.  The eary quietness of Death Vally as we travel south past Furnace Creek, then Badwater, where we will probably stop and pay homage for a few minutes.  Then the deceptively long and tough climb out of Death Valley, on rough roads and seemingly endless uphill.  Shoshone.  And that’s where I was forced to abandon last year.  In a way, it will be where I start this year.  Everything I am doing is to get to Shoshone, in good enough condition to finish what I started last year.  This time, we are going to do it.  My crew is ready, and I’m ready.

One Response to “Magazine articles, leave tomorrow for FC508”

  1. Kelly Ridgway Says:

    I will be watching the webcast. I will be watching your back as you leave Shoshone in great spirits and feeling strong. Have a strong, powerful race and know that there are a lot of people cheering you on. GO GET EM!!!!!!!!!