Finally back home and getting caught up

Well, I am finally home, and managed to take care of most of the ‘must do’ items that were awaiting my return.  I’ve uploaded several photos from Furnace Creek in my Photo Gallery with some explaination for each.

 While I was in California, my Dad was having some issues of his own, and during my time away, he had chest pains, went to Dr. for tests, scheduled and had open heart surgury to bypass two 70% clogged arteries, with a third completely closed.   Uh, ok, he was fine  before I left.  He is otherwise in excellent health and never had an actual heart attack or damage to his heart ( he walks a couple/three hours every day) and is recovering wonderfully.  Though I’ve not been able to visit, as I’ve been sick myself and can’t chance being near him.

I’ve been very sick since the event, with sinus and lung congestion/coughing.  I suspect I was actually getting sick as the race was beginning.  My family had been all circulating a very bad cold for the last couple weeks, and I’d avoided getting it, I thought.  I think I was actually becoming ill as the race was starting, and this was part of my problem with lack of strength/energy.  That is pretty much how I felt, weak, achy, tired, even though I was trying to ride 500 miles.  The cold air, especially at night, just made things worse and started a cough that really hampered my efforts.  In any event, it’s over now, I rode 300 plus miles with 200 of it into headwinds, and much of it uphill and on horrible, rough, slow pavement.  I’m rather glad to have it behind me. 

Everyone wants to know “what’s next”, and I’ve yet to have anyone believe my answer, “Nothing”.  I am pretty much finished with the ultra events for now.  I’ve accomplished everything I could imagine, in fact, much more that I ever would have dreamed I was capable of doing.  Two Western States 100’s in a row, Three Badwater 135’s in a row(one of them 10 days after doing WS 100).  A total of 7 100 mile or more completions, four 100 Kilometer runs(62 miles), seven 50 milers, 10 50k’s plus pacing for 50 miles on three occasions for friends in 100 mile runs, and most all of these done out West in snow, or high altitude, and with tremendous amounts of climbing.  Just prior to all that, I completed six Ironman distance Triathlons(2.4 mile swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run).  I’m proud of what I’ve done, and am at a point that I’m ready to move on to new challenges and adventures.

On Tuesday, two days after FC508, after getting my bicycles and equipment packed and shipped home, I had time to do some hiking/running near crew Steve’s house outside of Los Angeles.  I did 3 1/2 hours in some very cool mountains, some photos of that are in the photo gallery, including a find of some clam type seashell fossils in the trail.  These fossils where at about 1,100 foot elevation and 8-10 miles from the ocean, but they are clearly from a time when they were under the ocean, very cool photo of them in the gallery.

 Thank you so much for all the well wishes and encouragment during my event.  I appreciate it more than you know!

7 Responses to “Finally back home and getting caught up”

  1. Chase Says:

    So I’m thinking … Iditarod??

  2. Dave Says:

    That sounds pretty cool. One thing on the agenda is Tevis Cup, but that’ll take me a few years to prepare my horse. I have 5 acres, I could start raising dogs for Iditerod. I could alternate long horse rides with my dogs pulling me around Croom on sometype wheeled buggy.

  3. Eric "Thrasher" Troili Says:

    You’re not done.. You’re not done until you’ve accomplished the 508.. With your background of accomplishments, you can do it.. I did it with zero background (45:21:31).. If I could do it, you can do it.. Good luck..

  4. Dave Says:

    Congratulations on finishing the 508 miles. You have my respect and admiration. I hear you, and I’m not one to say ‘never again’, but I’ll say not for a while. If I attempt it again, it won’t be in conjunction with running Badwater, I’ll have to devote the year to being on the bike. Part of my problem is trying to prepare in just the couple months after Badwater, without enough riding early in the year. I really was in such good shape this year though, and thought I was ready, but just did not perform at all on race day. I was just pathetic, and can only attribute it to being sick. Thank you for taking time to write, and again, congratulations to you Thrasher. 45:21 is a LONG time to work hard on the bike, you should be proud of that effort.

  5. Bob Gentile Says:

    # Chase Says:
    October 15th, 2007 at 7:53 am

    So I’m thinking … Iditarod??
    LOLOL umm that would be a NEW adventure.

    Best wishes with whatever you decide, I am about 8 months into my ultra career, if I do half of what you have done in my future I will be thrilled…great Job Dave !

  6. Dave Says:

    Thanks! What races are you doing/have done?

  7. Dave Says:

    Well, I know how I felt after DNF’ing the second time.. I felt stupid, and I was depressed for a while.. In fact, I really didn’t know how to redeem myself after that, but then it hit me that the reason I failed had to do with being unprepared… This year, Gargoyle and I got a little waif of a girl to go from 117 miles as her longest ride, to 415! we force fed her, we did everything possible to make sure she could keep moving.. I brought forth all of the knowledge I learned about how not to do it, and handed it over on a platter for her use..

    she used it all! Not so much in the beginning, but as the race continued, she started really going with our recommendations…

    After I told you to.. What was it I said?? something like “Get back on your f***in bike and RIDE!!” I was thinking that was probably not the motivational speaker way to put it, but it seemed to work!! I watched you basically explode past us between Mormon point and Ashford Mills as we waited for White Rabbit, and I thought to myself.. DAMN!! I should do that for Anna!

    You were so strong heading down those roads that I thought you weren’t gonna stop till you got to the finish! Needless to say I felt bad when I saw you drive past us and heard what happened… I have 3 words for you, however…


    You can do this course All of your training in FL, on the flats, with the wind, can do nothing but help you strengthen those slow twitch muscles… Those are what you need for this race, don’t let anyone tell you anything different! I am going in 2008… Do doubt, no question, no hesitation! I will have at my disposal, all of the experience of my past two attempts, and the experience of being part of the crew.. there is nothing that can not be over come, but just remember.. We all have to give that course its due, and we all need to give that course the respect that it it deserves… I don’t know if you are planning on doing it next year, but if you don’t, come out anyway!
    Anyway, This is not an unconquerable course, and I have every confidence that you will ultimately conquer it!

    Red Tail Hawk