2008 Race Schedule

What do to, what to do?   I’ve really not been doing much running as of late, and feeling a little bad about that.  I’m missing it, and it’s time to get back on a regular schedule.  It’s alway easier for me to get out and do my runs when I have some goals in mind, and 2008 will be no different.  Compared to the last few years, 2008 will be very mild, I’m going to do some races, but they will be fairly close to home, and pretty low-key affairs.  Just running to be out running and enjoying it. 

For 2008 I’m currently planning to run

January – Mountain Mist 50k North Alabama, this was the first ultra I ever ran and will be my SIXTH running of it, after completing 10 of them, you get a nice jacket.  I probably won’t be in great shape at this time, but it will be a great long workout. We lived in Huntsville for years and Ashley was born there, so it’s a great chance to go back and visit.
February – Mount Cheaha 50k Central Alabama,  3rd running of this race, I’ve run it every year, the first year, I placed 10th overall, 3rd place over 40.  A very tough and rugged trail run.  A very well put on and fun point to point 50k.
March – Carl Touchstone 50 miles Mississippi, I’ve never run this race, but it’s supposed to be nice and will be a good, fairly easy 50 miler to build some endurance.
April – Barkley (yikes!) Tennessee, I am actually hoping to do much better this year, if I can  take some exceptional hill climbing fitness and my experience from last year, possibly to make an official 2 or MAYBE even 3 laps (60 miles, the fun run).

 That’s all I have on the agenda and I probably will not do a lot during the summer.  The last 3 years I have trained like a maniac in mid-summer, mid-day Florida heat, this year, I think I’ll not do that.  More likely to take it easy, rest, and pick it back up in the fall.

One Response to “2008 Race Schedule”

  1. Todd Henderson Says:

    Hello David,
    I am still planning the Pinhoti 100 for Oct/Nov 08. Hope to have a date firmed up in the next couple of weeks with the US Forest Service. This will be a Point to Point mostly single track trail, starting in near Heflin Al and ending at the Sylacauga High School Football Stadium.

    I’ll see you at Mtn Mist. Happy Holidays!