Me and William out for a ride

William and I did some riding this weekend…

William and Dad

 William and I did some riding this weekend.  The day before, on Friday, I went riding with a buddy, DirtBikeMike.  He had a pretty bad crash while following me.  I had to go back and find him, he had gone down hard.  Arm was very swollen, he’d had the breath knocked out of him, and his ribs were hurting.    We could get his bike to start, but something was broke in the gearbox.  SO, we had to leave his bike, and I had to ride him out of the woods on my bike, to get back to our trucks, went straight to get ice and ibuprofen.  Then got as close as we could to his motorcycle with our trucks.  It left me 1/2 mile by the GPS calculation for me to have to go in and push his bike out.  Mike couldn’t do anything but sit in the truck.   1/2 mile is a LONG way to push a 350 pound motorcycle on dirt trails!   I ran in, and actually got out pretty quick, but that was certainly my workout for the day!

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2 Responses to “Me and William out for a ride”

  1. Kelly Ridgway Says:

    I sure hope Mike is going to be okay. Great pic of you and William! Your kids are sure getting big. I loved the pics of you and your daughter riding. It is great that you spend time with your kids, it will really pay off when they get older. I hope to see you out running this year. Tell Tamara hi for me!

  2. Dave Says:

    Hey Kelly, all is well. Mike is back riding. I’ve taken quite a bit of time away from running, but am getting back into it. Looking a 100 miler in November.