If you’re goin’ through Hell…

Weekend before last, The Harper Clan all made a trip over to Tampa for a country music concert.  We went to see Brad Paisley, Rodney Atkins, and I forget the 17 year old girls name that opened for them.  I’m sure Ashley will comment here and tell me.  It was awesome.  Some rain just as we arrived, but turned into a wonderful night.  We were Jammin!  Rodney’s song, “If you’re goin through Hell…” brought back those Badwater Memories.  Every time I hear that song it takes me right back to 2006 Badwater, and William Ansick playing that for me in the van.  Details of that stroll through the desert, and the verse of that song are on my 2006 Badwater race report.  Brad Paisley was great too, it’s always fun to see people live, so much more impressive than hearing them on the radio. 

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Just arriving at concertAre we prepared for anything or WHAT!?!   Good job TAMI!2007sept-223.jpgBrad Paisley.  He does most of his lead guitar also, very good, William was impressed.

 Next night Ashley had a friend over for a sleepover, and we did a bonfire and Smores.  Kids ate those things till they were almost sick.  We also ended up baby sitting some friends Golden Retriever for the weekend.  She LOVED swimming in the pool.

I wonder just how many calories were consumed this evening?2007sept-295.jpg2007septshannon.jpg

Lastly, I got a couple really good bike rides in on Sunday and Monday.  My last of the long rides.   Furnace Creek coming up soon.  I think I’m ready!

One Response to “If you’re goin’ through Hell…”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Yeah, it was fun! The 17 yr old girl was named Taylor Swift. She has broken a lot of records for country female artists. She has also written a couple songs that are on the radio all the time. Such as. “Tim Mcgraw”, “Our Song”, and “Teardrops on My Guitar”. I loved it!! 8D