Life Management?

Today was a fun morning.  I was invited to speak to a 10th grade Life Management class for an hour.   I got to tell them all about my ultra running, and we talked about goal setting  and stuff like that.  It was cool.  For some reason, my wife thought it was rather comical that I was talking to anyone about Life Management, I can’t imagine why.  I mean, our life with 3 kids, 4 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds, a hamster and fish is the most calm, peaceful, relaxed, well planned, and organized vacation of a life that a person could ever imagine.  Isn’t it Honey?  NOT!  Yea, I suppose complete chaos is a more accurate description, but hey, only WE know the truth.  SERENITY NOW!!!!!

5 Responses to “Life Management?”

  1. Kelly Ridgway Says:

    Funny, Dave. Your life sounds like ours. Kids and animals, whats there NOT to love? I hope you are doing well.

  2. Ashley Harper Says:

    Hey dad, dont forget my 12 Hermit-Crabs!!! 8D Oh yeah, and Emily’s frogs!!

  3. Tamara Harper Says:

    I am sure I did have a look of “Whaaa….t?” when you told me about the class. I certainly didn’t think OUR life of simple pleasures had a thing to do with it!! I am glad you were able to do such a neat thing for 10th graders. I know they thought you were a hero of some kind. Just think how you reached out to someone today and inspired them forever. Cooo…l!! Love you, Tamara

  4. Chase Says:

    Wha? … riding around with your family during Leadville, it all seemed perfectly peaceful!


  5. Dave Says:

    I thought YOU were the troublemaker on that trip.