Florida Peak to Peak Trip

Well, that title is not exactly correct, firstly, it’s not about a run, and there isn’t much in Florida as far as high points to climb, BUT we live right at Sugarloaf Mt, some 310 or so feet above sea level, the highest point in the Florida Peninsula, and the THIRD highest point in the state.  AND William and I made weekend of a two park camping trip into the panhandle to some caves, to the highest waterfall in Florida, which also sits on Falling Water Hill, slightly taller than Sugarloaf and the SECOND highest point in the state.

The trip was the result of me meeting to deliver a motorcycle that I sold to a guy from Louisiana.  I used the meeting as an excuse to make a weekend trip with Will.

I have a full photo gallery posted at


Here’s the short version… (click photo for larger image)

 First stop of the tripGood thing Mom isn’t around right now.  She wouldn’t exactly be loving this.Very cool tour of a suprisingly large cave.  About a 30-40 minute tour.Many HUGE sinkholes in the area of the waterfall.Our campsite.  This was the first test of our new backpacking tent and sleeping system.And we end the trip about like we started it, eating.  Seafood at a restaurant on Mexico Beach

We spent all of our time hiking, exploring, and just hanging out.  A very cool weekend.

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  1. Kelly Ridgway Says:

    Wow, what a fun camping trip! I just loved the pics of the caverns and the waterfall. Sounds like a great time. Isn’t it nice to spend time with your son? Lots of good memories. I hope you are doing well. Have was your Thanksgiving?